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Programming & Activities

At The Alton, we focus on
Living in the Moment

The activities that make up a residents daily experience should reflect, as much as possible the individuals preferred lifestyle while providing a sense of usefulness, pleasure, success and as normal a level of functioning as possible.

Activity=Being in Action

The activities that help us feel safe, in charge, socially connected, loved and loving come from day to day, moment to moment events and encounters of life. A full balanced life depends on successfully performing activities from three domains:

  • Productive activities (work) that make us feel useful and needed
  • Leisure activities (relaxation and entertainment) that are fun
  • Self-care activities (personal and instrumental activities of daily living) though which we express our independence and the intimate personal aspects of personality

What does a person with dementia need to feel whole?

  • To be Comforted is crucial for our needs for acceptance and tenderness.
  • Attachment speaks to our need to be connected to significant people around us.
  • Inclusion goes beyond attachment and speaks to our desire to be a part of group.
  • Occupation understands that each person has had meaningful roles through life.
  • Identity must be considered within the context that each of us needs to know who we are, what defines us and allows us to ground ourselves.

(Adapted from T. Kitwood: Dementia Reconsidered; The person comes First)

Programming & Activities at The Alton that Support Feeling Whole

Sports and Fitness

  • traveling volleyball team
  • outdoor putting green
  • basketball
  • daily exercise classes
  • dance walk club
  • outdoor games


  • puzzles
  • current events
  • reminiscence groups
  • Jumbo Jenga
  • Bingo
  • trivia
  • volunteer outreach
  • pet visits
  • kid visits
  • fishing
  • eating out at local restaurants
  • Twins baseball games
  • museums


  • music therapy
  • music in hallways and dining
  • weekend events with bands and other musical entertainment


  • monthly birthday parties
  • costume and theme parties
  • happy hour
  • holiday parties
  • National Night Out
  • National Alzheimer’s walk

Family connectedness

  • monthly support groups
  • Alton family email program
  • monthly newsletter
  • memory photo albums for each family


  • manicures
  • massage
  • reiki

Productive activities

  • Jobs such as assisting with folding of laundry
  • greeter at front lobby
  • cleaning tables
  • dusting
  • gardening club
  • childcare with life-like dolls


  • Catholic Mass and communion
  • non-denominational church service
  • bible study